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Complete and accurate real estate listings sell quicker and for more

Real estate agents active in the field of selling and listing property are one of the most important resources of information for the real estate appraiser. However the feeling is not always mutual, and in many cases the real estate agent sees the appraiser as a hurdle that has to be jumped in closing a deal. In many cases the tripping and falling over this hurdle is caused by the real estate sales industry itself.

Accurate property appraisal listings are the key to solving this problem.  To be effective, listings must be accurate and complete, and this is especially true when it comes to determining Gross Living Area (GLA). Incomplete listings or inaccurate listings are often the problem when completing statistical analysis or paired sales analysis.


Consider appraisers as a resource, not a hurdle

Real estate agents understand the emotions of the purchase, the complexities of negotiation, and disclosure requirements. However, when some agents base "facts" on false information, hurdles are created in the sales process.

One way to reduce these hurdles is to communicate with local appraisers who are trained to look beyond the hype and review the facts.

If you're wondering how the market is changing, what opportunities exist in financing, and much more helpful information, appraisers can be a good resource for real estate agents.


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