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Paris Realty Appraisals, LLC makes it possible for you to remain in full compliance with federal and state regulations

Paris Realty Appraisals, LLC gives you all the efficiencies of an outsourced appraisal management company, yet keeps you fully informed along the way.


  • Create sub-accounts for you or for those investors that have their own pre-approved appraiser lists.
  • Ability for you to see updates from the time the appraisal is ordered to the time you are notified it has been completed - all from your single client account login.


  • Completely compatible with new FHA, HVCC, Fed interagency, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) regulations.
  • Comply with HVCC and FHA rules by enabling double-blind communication for sub-accounts.
  • Optional double-blind communication mode hides identities on both ends and restricts communication to pre-written text, insulating staff from appraisers.
  • View a complete historical log of all communications.

Appraisal Ordering

  • Can/will configure automatic standard instructions and default document attachments for every order, by individual product type.
  • Intelligent Selection System (ISS) uses statistics including on-time percentage, acceptance percentage, load level, average turn-around, prior responsiveness, and proximity to subject to choose appraisers with the best service.
  • Wiil automatically assign unacknowledged orders to the next appraiser via ISS helping to reduce delays and improve turn around time.
  • Customize products by specifying required forms and number of comps, listings and photos.
  • Prefer (or require) appraisers with a particular designation for specific types of products.
  • Appraisers acknowledge orders instantly via automated text messages from our servers.

Status Tracking

  • Web-based interface displays the status of every order along with a date/time stamped history of all events.
  • E-mail messages keep you informed as the appraisal moves through each state of completion.

Electronic Delivery

  • Completed appraisal report is delivered as a standard, "first generation" unmolested PDF file, via a completely secure GLB-compliant web connection.
  • The results of all UARR review rules, as well as all of the report's data, are always included in XML format.
  • XML complies with and is integrated into Fannie Mae's electronic Collateral Data Delivery (CDD) system.
  • If revisions or extra reports are requested after a report has already been delivered, each and every transaction file contains a complete copy of, and audit trail for, each report uploaded for the order.

Quality Assurance

  • Universal Appraisal Review Rules (UARR) - over 1000 rules covering every product - run on the appraiser's desktop prior to delivery, reducing revision requests.
  • Customize the UARR rules to enable/disable individual rules and set their levels (info, warning, or critical).
  • Valuable analytics (graphs as well as data) on the property, comparables, and neighborhood with every order help us to determine the viability of every deal.

Appraiser Panel Management

  • Create a custom panel comprised of your current appraisers, plus any extra  appraisers you choose - can easily be updated any time.
  • Checks for valid license information and appraiser supplied E&O information before every order.

Appraisal Report Fees

  • Custom fee schedule allows you to define your own fees for each appraisal product. Different fees can be applied on a region by region basis.
  • Local median fee stats for each county in the U.S. are reported by our "Appraisal Fee Reference" quarterly analysis and can be e-mailed to you proactively.  

Transaction Charges

  • Volume pricing for lenders is available.